Waxing Restrictions & After - Care




On your first visit for a Waxing Appointment, I will spend a little time with you, Firstly to asscetain exactly the treatment you require. Secondly in Consultation to ensure there are not any restrictions to your treatment being carried out.



A contra-indication is something that can restrict or prevent the treatment being carried out.


General contra-indications

• Allergy to products

• Recent scar tissue, anything under 6 months the therapist is unable to work directly over and is able only to just wax around the area

• Bruising

• Broken skin

• Raised moles and skin tags, the therapist is able to place a small amount of Vaseline over the area to prevent any

wax attaching to it and resulting in ripping it off

• Inflammation and irritation

• Rashes

• Extreme sensitivity

• Very thin or crepey skin, if the therapist is unable to stretch the area then we cannot wax over it as it will bruise the skin

• Within 24 hours after sunbathing or sun bed treatment


Some of the other contra-indications are more specific and may fully prevent the treatment from being carried out.

Specific contra-indications (these require GP referral)

• Legs- varicose veins

• Underarm-mastitis

• Lip and chin- cold sores

• Eyebrows- Styes or conjunctivitis

* Skin Infections / Disorders


Contra- action

A contra-action is something that can appear on the skin following the treatment.

A normal skin reaction that should be present for no longer than 48 hrs could be reddening to the skin, pimples, slight irritation and rash. If there is a reaction for longer than 48 hrs, then the client needs to seek further advice.  



The main piece of advice would  be to exfoliate every 3-4 days and moisturise daily this will help to loosen the dead dry skin and release the hair.


Aftercare is an essential part to any treatment but especially waxing as if it is not followed it can result in further skin reaction or damage.


• No hot baths/showers for 24-48 hrs

• No sun beds or sunbathing for 24-48 hrs

• Avoid swimming for 24-48 hrs afterwards

• Wear loose clothing after treatment

• No perfume products on area for 24-48 hrs

• Exfoliate regularly every 2-3 days

• Do not shave in between treatments

• If the reaction is still present after 48 hours seek medical attention

• Avoid exercise as this can cause infections to the pores for 24 hrs

• Avoid using false tan on the area for 24 hours

• Avoid the use of make-up for 24 hours after facial waxing

• Moisturise daily the whole body