F A Q's

What is the difference between a Male Brazilian and a Male Hollywood?.... A Male Brazilian wax is where some of the pubic hair is left and generally trimmed or waxed into shape as the client requires. A Male Hollywood wax is when all the hair is removed.


What type of Wax will you use for a Male Brazilian wax?....I carry out all male intimate waxing procedures using only non strip waxing methods; basically a hot wax that looks like thick honey will be applied directly to the area and as it sets it will grip the hair and is removed without strips of paper. As we don’t need to press on the skin with any paper strips and as the non strip wax shrink-wraps the hair by itself then this method of waxing is so much more comfortable than using strip wax or a roller system (ouch!!) for the intimate areas. When you are looking for a therapist to carry out your intimate waxing, research the waxing methods and wax brands they use. It’s a very sensitive and precious area!! For your comfort I only use Perron Rigot waxes – with over 30 years of experience and lots of patients they are the best wax brand in the market and for that reason I am happy to carry out my male intimate waxing with their wax range.


Do Male Intimate treatmens hurt?....Yes, a little bit. But not as much as you would expect. I am removing hair after all, but the treatment is quick and using the best non strip waxes and good waxing techniques a male intimate wax can be fairly painless. I will keep your skin taut and this will help in terms of the hair removal. Some clients take painkillers about 30 minutes before the treatment. On average the waxing can be carried out in 20/40 minutes, depending which one you require and if there is a bit of grooming or trimming required to begin with this can increase the time. Male intimate waxing is much quicker and much more comfortable if it’s maintained on a regular basis.


Should I trim or shave my hair first?....Its best to let me trim any excess or long hair for you, as I will trim the hair to the best length which will ensure that the wax will grip the hair (too short and it will not grip) and that the hair will be just short enough to make the waxing as comfortable as possible for you. If you have had a close shave down there, or recently used any hair removal creams then please leave it for at least 4 weeks before you book a waxing appointment. You really will be wasting your money as it will probably be too short and stubbly and you will not get a smooth finish and waxing hair that’s been recently shaved hurts like hell!!.. Don’t wax and then shave in between waxing, it takes forever to get it back on track. If you are undecided then try both and see which works best for you and stick with it as jumping between waxing and shaving will never give you a clean smooth finish. Whilst we are happy to take your money we also want you to get the best possible service.


How long will my Appointment take?....All treatments have various times attached to them; massage, facials and body scrubs, rituals etc all have the treatment time specified on the price list. However male waxing treatments vary from client to client, as you can appreciate as we are all different sizes and it will take much longer to wax someone that is very hairy for the first visit, than it will for a client who has regular waxing carried out. With all my new male waxing clients I set enough time aside to deal with the pre waxing consultation, the waxing and to discuss aftercare in more detail. With regular clients I will know how long your treatment takes and will set aside enough time to carry out the treatment. However it is important you arrive at the scheduled appointment time so that there is enough time to carry out your treatment without having to rush.


What should I do to maintain before and after my waxing?.....Please arrive fresh and clean for your appointment. Intimate wipes will be provided to freshen up prior to the male intimate waxing treatments. Some clients who are having waxing often find that taking anti histamine on the day of the waxing and for a few days later really helps with the reaction and that the skin settles down really quickly. I am not able to administer any medication and would advise that you check that it is okay for you to take the anti histamines before you do so. I will give you after care advice at the end of your treatment and I will talk you through it so you are clear about what to do.


Will my hair grow back?.....Generally most clients will get about two weeks of nice smooth soft skin after their waxing. However clients that have been shaving on a frequent basis or clients that have used hair removal creams often find that it can take a few waxes to get a smooth finish. If you decide that you are going to maintain your male body waxing then you really should have this done every 5-6 weeks and the area will be smooth and hair free for the maximum time. Regular waxing or maintenance waxing is easier as the hair regrowth is much finer and a lot easier to remove. So if you want to be the smoothest peach on the beach then book your follow up appointment before you leave.


What type of wax will you use for general male body waxing?.....I use Perron Rigot waxes only – and I use their signature wax which is a hypoallergenic wax called Cristal Ocean as my wax for general male body waxing. This is applied with a spatula and removed with paper strips; this method of waxing is called strip waxing and is a great method for areas; like the back, legs, arms and parts of the chest. For sensitive areas such as the intimate area, neck/hairline, underarms, face, and often on parts of the chest) I use Perron Rigot non strip wax.


Will I get spots or ingrow hairs?.... As with all hair removal methods how you maintain your skin afterwards will make a huge difference. I will provide my clients with some good aftercare advice. For first timers and all our new clients I recommend you use an exfoliating mitt and post waxing body creams.